BedfordBID Bluecaps

The role of the BedfordBID Bluecap is to provide high quality customer care and service for shoppers, visitors and businesses in Bedford Town Centre whatever the weather, Monday to Saturday.

They are always on hand to provide help, support and information for anyone who needs it and assist in helping to make Bedford Town Centre a safer place to shop, work & live in.

The BedfordBID Bluecaps are working hard to make the town a friendlier and safer environment for shoppers, residents and businesses alike, and we will continue to do so in the future. The Bluecaps are there for you, so if you would like any further information please call us on 01234 404500.

Did you know?

  • Our team of Bluecaps help over 100,000 customers each year.

  • Since the Bluecaps began operating, business crime has come down by 38%

  • Bluecaps logged, photographed and arranged the removal of up to 1,000 pieces of graffiti last year, as part of the Wipe:Out scheme, helping to keep our Town Centre graffiti-free.

What do our BedfordBID Bluecaps do?

Provide information about shops & businesses in the town centreThe Bluecaps are trained and have access to most information about the town centre. They can point you in the right direction and give you advice and assistance. They also have up to date information on events taking place in Bedford town centre.

Provide maps and directions
Not only do the Bluecaps give out maps and written directions should you require it but they often accompany people to their destination ensuring that they are getting them to the right location quickly.


Make people feel safe
The Bluecaps are linked to the town centre CCTV and the Bedfordshire Police by a radio link. Where necessary the Bluecaps can call for assistance including the ambulance service, taxis and the police. Bluecaps are trained to make rapid responses to situations that can arise in a busy town centre.

Administer First-Aid
The BedfordBID Bluecaps are all first-aid trained. They can administer first aid, provide assistance, and call on the emergency services with the touch of a button with the Radiolink radios.


Deter Anti Social Behaviour
Bluecaps work with the Bedfordshire Police who endeavour to ensure people do not drink alcohol, ride bikes or skateboard in the pedestrianised area. The Bluecaps are in constant communication with the Police and CCTV and can call for back up if people continue to carry out anti social behaviour.

Liaise with businesses
Each Bluecap visits a variety of businesses throughout a day. Bluecaps are on hand to tell them about BedfordBID and how they can be involved.  The Bluecaps call around regularly with information about special promotions, events, updates to the Radiolink scheme, and more.

Help improve the appearance of the Town Centre
The Bluecaps keep an eye out for litter, graffiti, flyposting & damaged signs etc.  The Bluecaps photograph and document all of these incidents and report them to the appropriate people. BedfordBID Bluecaps have photographed, logged and arranged the removal of over 1000 pieces of individual graffiti in Bedford town centre.

Market Research
The Bluecaps ask shoppers, visitors and businesses for feedback about things that we are doing and to find out if we are getting it right


Help keep our children safe
Bluecaps offer parents free wristbands for their children to wear in the town centre, on which can be written the contact number of a parent/guardian. Should you ever be separated from your child, or any lost children be found in Bedford town centre, the scheme ensures a quick and easy way to reunite them.



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