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Sunday 4 June 2017

Bedford Corn Exchange, St Pauls Square


Sketerella a con woman by profession, who also goes by the names Gloria and Gladis, decides to con a man known as Useful who owns a house, a beauty salon and is the winner of a lotto jackpot worth  sixty million dollars, she starts making plans to go abroad and to do big time shopping.

Considering the care of her two daughters Sketeisha and Sketasha , she decides to hire a baby sitter , the only problem is these girls are grown teenagers.

She decides on a care giver/ babysitter for her daughter but runs into a major blockage when  she hires Shebada , who has plans of his own after finding out that the mother and the two daughters are scammers. 

Useful gets wink of the plan that Sketerella (Gloria) has and decides that he is not letting go of his lotto winning ticket because she does not really love him, she only wants his property and money.

While Shebada does his best to keep things together in the household, he is carefully orchestrating his plan to reap financial benefits for himself.

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