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The governance of the BedfordBID is undertaken by a team of levy/business rates-paying large and small businesses who volunteer to sit on the BedfordBID Board.  Members of the board share their responsibilities while acting in the interest of the BedfordBID Company. Each member is expected to make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the community.  A credible and professional board, made up of the following members from national chains and independent businesses with local and industry expertise including retail marketing and tourism.

BedfordBID BOARD of Directors

The Directors meet approximately on a six weekly basis to scrutinise performance, financial updates and ongoing issues etc.

BedfordBID open session

All BedfordBID board meetings start with a half hour ‘open’ session when all businesses in the BedfordBID area are invited to meet with the Directors. 


BedfordBID Board Members


Samantha Laycock (Harpur Centre Manager and Chair of BedfordBID)

Born and bred in Bedford, Samantha’s career began in retail holding various positions as a Store Manager over ten years. In June 2007, Samantha joined the management team at the Harpur Centre in Bedford which consists of 35 retail outlets. After graduating in 2010, Samantha became the Centre Manager of Bedford and Huntingdon’s shopping centres and also held the voluntary position of Director on both BIDs. Samantha was voted in as the Chair of Love Bedford in 2016 as new investors purchased the Harpur Centre. She is a member of the British Council of Shopping Centres (Revo) and holds various industry qualifications including IOSH, First Aid and the Diploma of Shopping Centre Management.

Harpur Centre, Bedford MK40 1TJ  
Tel. 01234 357330


Steve McBrearty (Cash Converters)


Steve is the owner of the Cash Converter franchise in Bedford. Cash Converters, with more than 230 stores in the UK is the number one high street retailer of pre-owned goods. Its portfolio also includes pawn broking and financial services. 

With a background in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, his last role was heading the European Retail Processes and Systems Division of General Motors. Steve comes with experience in franchise governance, strategic planning, outsourcing and large scale change management. Steve sits on the Cash Converters Franchise Partnership Committee, working on improving brand standards and products. The business has just past its fifth year and employees seven people from the town.

Cash Converters, 8 Greenhill Street, Bedford MK40 1LX
Tel. 01234 860251


Dave Roffey (Bedford College)


Bedford College is making its Deputy Director of Finance Dave Roffey available to be part of the Board which governs the BedfordBID.

The town centre college is a major levy-payer within the Business Improvement District and on top of that has ensured more than £600,000 has gone into local tills by buying ONLY Love Bedford vouchers as rewards for staff and students.

In addition, the 1,000s of Bedford College students and staff who pour across the Town Bridge account for a third of money spent in the town Monday- Friday, effectively keeping some of the businesses afloat.

Dave has worked at Bedford College for eight years and lives in Shefford. 

“Like many people living outside of the town centre I have a choice where to shop at weekends and think it is important that the BID keeps people coming into Bedford. Like most Bedford College staff I have enjoyed receiving Love Bedford vouchers and being able to pop into town to redeem them at a wide range of outlets. I am looking forward to learning more about how the BID supports the town centre.”

Deputy Finance Director, Bedford College, Cauldwell Street MK42 9AH
Tel. 01234 291000                          


Martin Keys (Gallone's Ice Cream Parlour)


“Since opening my business in Bedford, I have more recently made the town my home.

“I see, understand and support the passionate drive the  BedfordBID team have to make the town a great place to visit.

“I see the role of the Board as being an exciting, challenging and dynamic opportunity to help shape a better, brighter future for Bedford. We need to work together now more than ever.”


Gallone's Ice Cream Parlour, Edwardian Arcade

Tel 07804 655021

Malcolm Wyse (Bedford Swan Hotel)


I was initially appointed as General Manager of the Swan Hotel to primarily oversee the sale process of the property whilst also maintaining the hotel open for business as normal.  Since mid-March 2018 the hotel is under new ownership and my focus will now take on an entirely different remit.  The new owners are planning to invest heavily with a total refurbishment of the Swan and are currently in the design phase of the project.  Much emphasis will be paid to the heritage, character and charm of the property and their plans sound very exciting. 

My personal ambition coming into the Swan is for the property to be the best in Bedfordshire not in terms of star ratings or rosettes but in terms of guest experience, good value for money, good facilities with friendly and efficient service leaving visitors to the Swan and Bedford with the desire to make a return.   The success of the hotel also depends on how we connect with the local community so I am delighted to be on the board of Directors which will provide the opportunity for me to become better connected by supporting Bedford beyond the 4 walls of the Swan hotel. 

Bedford Swan Hotel, 1 High Street, Bedford MK40 1RW
Tel. 01234 346565


Amanda Olliver (The Body Shop)



Amanda Olliver has been the store Manager of The Body Shop for eight years

“I'm very passionate about the brand and very happy to serve the people of Bedford on a day to day basis

“I love Bedford, it's a cracking town, I love the diversity of choice from the beautiful Embankment & Riverside, to the quirky shops in the arcades to the busy shoppers parading from  Silver Street and in to The Harpur Centre “What I also love about Bedford is how helpful the Bedford BID team are. They are lovely, very helpful and a joy to work with.

“No task is too much to ask.”


12 Silver Street, Bedford

Tel 01234 218834


Tony Moliterno (Mayfair)



Tony Moliterno is from a group of business entrepreneurs linked to the name Mayfair in Lurke Street, Bedford.

The expansive office building is home to the company where Tony works: Mayfair Financial & Mortgage Consultants.

Tony was new to the idea of a Business Improvement District when he started work in Bedford, and was most impressed when he found BID team could cut through all the red tape to have graffiti removed from his premises and resolve a car parking permit issue, which affected many. 

He decided to step-up and volunteer to become a member of the Board. In doing so, Tony is helpful voice for the office sector in the town centre.

“I’ve been very impressed with how the BID can get things done which otherwise would have left me sitting on the phone for hours. They know who to talk to.

“I am proud to see so many independent businesses in Bedford and want to help them thrive.”


11 Lurke Street Bedford

Tel 01234 214460

Greg Warwick (Jeeves Gentleman's Hair & Grooming Salon)


Not only am I passionate about Bedford as a community and a town, I’m also very passionate about its future.

I’ve run a business on the High Street for over 17 years and know most of the other High Street business owners and understand both the benefits and the difficulties the internet has brought.

I have also seen many changes... and their consequences in Bedford. 

As a former Director of Bedford BID who has attended almost every meeting during my Directorship, I have a very good insight into what the BID can achieve.  As we are looking to the future and possible changes to the High Street it must be a good thing to have the thoughts and ideas from the very merchants who bring the wealth into the town.  I know that I would be an asset to Bedford Town by way of the Bedford BID and will be able to represent the views of the Traders in the High Street and together, we will shape Bedford’s future.

80 High Street, Bedford MK40 1NN
Tel. 01234 215050


Cllr Charles Royden (Deputy Mayor, Bedford Borough Council)

Charles has held responsibility on the local council for transport highways and the environment since 2008. The portfolio includes a wide range of council services such as buses, parking and maintenance of roads and infrastructure. Charles is committed to the successful delivery of these services which are vital to supporting a thriving town centre economy.

The Vicarage, Calder Rise, Bedford MK41 7UY
Tel. 01234 309175


Paul Hunt (BID Board Observer / YMCA)


Paul was born in Russell Street, Bedford which was demolished during the 60’s/70’s to make way for Roff Avenue. He is committed to the regeneration of Bedford Town Centre and believes this can be achieved in time by thinking outside of the box. 

Paul has worked for YMCA Bedfordshire for the past sixteen years in various roles. However for the past ten years he has had the privilege of being the CEO.

His background prior to joining the YMCA was in Project Management in highway engineering where he worked for several organisations as a Project Manager responsible for delivery of contracts to local authorities around the country.

18 years ago Paul became a Christian and this plays an integral part of who he is, why he works for the YMCA and what drives him to ensure YMCA Bedfordshire delivers quality services to those individuals who live in the accommodation projects, and also those individuals who attend our diverse range of programme work. Paul is committed to ensuring YMCA Bedfordshire is an outward focused association within the community where our services are delivered.

Since joining the YMCA in 2001, where 4 staff were employed, and with annual revenue of £110k, the association has developed and diversified into many different areas of work, and during this growth the ethos of the YMCA has continued and will continue to play an essential part. During Paul’s time as the CEO he has seen the association grow from an income stream of £650k in 2008 to £3.8 million in 2017. Also the number of bed spaces provided has increased from 55 to 214. Equally the number of programmes delivered has also seen a substantial growth. 

YMCA, 45-49 Tavistock Street, Bedford MK40 1LR
Tel. 01234 307700


Mike Lewis (BID Board Observer / Riverside)

Clarity in Marketing, 7-10 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA
Tel. 020 7520 9404


Christina Rowe (BedfordBID - Director of Operations)

A non resident of Bedford but with a passion to be part of a major new impetus needed to recover the town centre's past position, and in the longer term, grow relative to competitor towns.

An experienced marketer with over 30 years’ experience in working with SME’s, the retail property management and place making sector.  Previous Directorships include the Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Association, Milton Keynes Theatre and Gallery Company, Chair of DMO Destination:MK and lead tutor & examiner secondment to the University College of Estates Management’s BCSC Diploma in Shopping Centre Management .  Successes range from organising the first ever collaborative marketing campaign for Milton Keynes and winner of various national and international marketing and customer service awards. I hope to help build Bedford's offer as distinctive from its larger competitors so it can assume a complementary position in the retail hierarchy.  I also aim to develop as a destination and to help accentuate the paramount importance of the town centre's role in the region and strengthened to enhance its attractiveness by broadening the role of the town centre beyond shopping towards being a great place for people to spend time – work, visit, stay and live.

BedfordBID, 1 Lurke St, Bedford MK40 3TN  
Tel. 01234 404500


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