American Tribal Style Bellydance Classes Come to Bedford!

Published on 03 June 2014

American Tribal Style Bellydance Classes Come to Bedford on Tuesday Evenings!

Imagine this: there was a time in history, a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a woman's hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it...
- Carolena Nericcio

Horizon Hips dance school was set up by Horizon in 2008 and offers weekly and monthly classes in American Tribal Style Bellydance® Horizon Hips dance offers high quality teaching with a fun and friendly approach open to anyone with the desire to dance to the beat of the Drum.

American Tribal Style Bellydance is a modern form of Bellydance that draws its influences from many different dance styles. It has roots in Flamenco, African, Indian and Egyptian dance and was created by Carolena Nericcio, in America in the 80’s.

ATS® is designed as an improvised group dance, where the dancers learn a vocabulary of steps and combinations that can be linked together with subtle cues that show the dancers which moves to do next. There is a lead dancer that everyone follows and this changes regularly so that everyone can have the chance to lead.

For Horizon ATS® is all about connections, between the dancers on stage and between the dancers and their audience. As performers we are given the opportunity to dress up in beautiful costumes which are always commented on by the audience and the dancers play finger cymbals while dancing and dance to the beat of the drum.

AFFINITY TRIBAL is Horizon’s Dance Company who dance both Classic and Modern ATS® and also dance with props such as Sword and Skirt. Affinity Tribal often performs with live Arabic drummers which add an additional live element as both dancers and drummers improvise together on stage.  Horizon also has an advances student troupe called ‘THE AZIMUTH’, the dancers ages range from 20’s to dancers in their 60’s. We come in all shapes and sizes but come together to share our love of dance with others!

Horizon has been teaching classes in Hitchin on Thursday Nights at the Priory School Dance Studio in Hitchin since 2008. In Hitchin she has both an ATS® Fundamentals (Beginners) & Fun with formations in ATS® (Improvers) and now is expanding to add a Tuesday night beginner’s class in Bedford.

The Venue is the Springs Studio at the Southbank Arts centre at Bedford College from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. The class is Tribal Fundamentals in ATS® and is suitable for total beginners or those wishing to refine their technique as it covers Level 1 and 2 FCBD® vocabulary plus how to dance in formation and become a confident leader.


To launch the new Tuesday class Horizon Hips Dance is running a competition offering 4x 1 Month Dance Classes passes (4 Tuesday night classes) To enter all you have to do is answer this time question and send your answer via email to Closing date is 14th June 2014

The question is… 

What is the name of Horizon’s student dance troupe?

Good luck!

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