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Published on 14 June 2018

BedfordBID’s Love Bedford gift vouchers scheme has passed the £1 Million mark. Vouchers are now accepted in over 270 town centre businesses.  It is one of the most successful local schemes in the country, putting money directly back into town centre tills.
Last year an on-line option was launched which means individuals and companies can now easily buy vouchers as gifts or rewards, and in doing so are encouraging family and friends to visit Bedford.
But face to face sales are important and we are now seeking businesses around the town where visitors can pop in and buy vouchers. 
We thank Arcadia Sweet Shop in the Edwardian Arcade where the top team have now sold more than £10,000 worth of vouchers - and remember they will be redeemed in shops other than their own. Showing a great team spirit here among our BID businesses.
In addition to a potential small commission, the scheme is heavily promoted and is one of our key messages each time we advertise far and wide; the name of your business will be added where possible as well as in customer direct mail e-shots.
This could help raise awareness of your business and location especially with the 1,000s of new residents moving into the county.
Interested?  Please contact us to discuss further details. 

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