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Published on 23 October 2018

Alex Falcon Huerta FCCA received the ‘UK Outstanding Contribution Award 2018’ for ACCA.

Alex is a local entrepreneur who runs a multi-award-winning firm based in Duke Street, Bedford, which has achieved a global client base within three years of setting up.

Soaring Falcon Bedford

Says Alex: "Our professionalism is linked to inspiring innovation - and we do this by being publicly seen to drive change. It’s a combination of striving for transformation, and maximising the profile of this work that helps to create good for all. Good for our profession, confidence in ourselves, and enhancing our reputation makes us a magnet for new clients and the next generation business owners.

"Uniquely as a female leader of an accountancy firm, I have in the last year become an advisor to the UK government’s All Party Parliamentary Group Technology Board, and an ACCA International Assembly member. The focus for both is to promote better use of technology in the education system, and demonstrate the benefits of smart business.

"This strategy about inspiring innovation works. We are seen, recognised, and attract the right clients because of it.

"I have worked on inspiring and creating a new breed into the profession - those that are nurtured to think as much about business and operations as they are about accounts. That’s why we train to ACCA level 7, and regularly talk to local students about business.

"As a firm, we have attracted businesses from all over the world who love the digital transformation as well as local businesses. Even though we are a small firm, we have global accounting partners for businesses who want to sell their product or services worldwide - and vice versa.

"Being tech focused, our goal is to take as much away from our clients as possible so they can focus on what’s important to them, and then to make sure we can automate or outsource as much as possible so we can spend our time with them making it happen.

"I am proud to be recognised for my work in the profession especially at this time of change. Leading and innovating change."

Comments from ACCA:

“Alex Falcon-Huerta FCCA was honoured at the ceremony receiving the ACCA UK Outstanding Contribution award. 

"Alex serves on the Bedford, Luton and Northampton Members’ Network panel as well as ACCA International Assembly as a UK representative. She has been instrumental in driving the digital agenda for members in practice, notably assisting ACCA with a MoU with leading software provider Xero. Additionally, Alex has helped develop the ACCA Level 7 Apprenticeship scheme, giving numerous talks to encourage student and employers.” - get in touch - for our fees and services - for up and coming events

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