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The Fitness Collective

Fitness Collective personal training session with client and trainer
Fitness Collective trainer supervising customers using equipment

What is The Fitness Collective?

The Fitness Collective is personal training fitness studio. We create a personalised training programme for each member. Under one roof, we offer an inclusive, customer-centric, personal training experience focussing on results.

Working in small groups, our programmes are designed to achieve three core elements: strength, stamina and flexibility. These are reflected in our sessions which involve:

  • Power and hybrid where we use a combination of cardio, speed and strength training
  • Zone training which are HIIT sessions with intervals of heart rate intensities
  • Stretch sessions designed to maximise recovery and prevent injury

The Fitness Collective is unique to other training facilities, bringing a better choice of training and more structure to your routine.

Opening times (please check before making a special visit)

Monday to Friday 6am-10pm

Saturday 7am-1pm


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