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‘I, Spie’ presented by The Telling

John Bunyan Museum & Library

​The imagined story of John Dowland as he combines his life as a court musician and composer with the Elizabethan espionage underworld.

This spell-binding new “concert-play” (where music and theatre collide) by Clare Norburn tells the story of renaissance composer/lutenist John Dowland’s brush with the Secret Service and how he manages to foil an Italian plot on the life of Queen Elizabeth I. Think Spooks, 16th century-style! But ultimately, John’s fate is in your hands as you’ll vote on how the show should end. Plus, ahead of the show, you’ll be invited to crack the all-important code.

The drama is directed by Nicholas Renton (BAFTA-nominated Mrs Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, Musketeers, A Room With A View, Lewis, and Silent Witness).

The playwright, Clare Norburn, is also the soprano and Artistic Director of The Telling, who are renowned for immersing audiences in a world of music and theatre. They will perform music by Dowland and his contemporaries, alongside Elizabethan tavern, street and courtly masque music.

Tickets £5-£20

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