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Bedford Radio shop window with blue logo and branding
A blue microphone with Bedford Radio on it.

What is Bedford Radio?

Bedford Radio is Bedford’s local radio station, providing a wide range of entertainment and promotion of Bedford town.

Bedford Radio offers a local platform to showcase what is great about Bedford whilst promoting local businesses, community groups and events.

How to listen

Bedford Radio is available on DAB in the main urban area of Bedford, Kempston and nearby villages. 

Your digital radio will not automatically list Bedford Radio: you will need to retune it. In the settings, find Retune Search Autotune or similar. Your radio will take a few moments to find all the signals in the area.

The signal may not reach outer villages in Bedford Borough. Please contact Bedford Radio as to whether you can get their signal or not. They are able to use this information to lobby Ofcom for improved coverage for Bedford Radio if need be.

As well as DAB, you can listen to Bedford Radio online on their website, using the Radioplayer or TuneIn apps on your phone or tablet, or by telling your smart speaker: “Play Bedford Radio.” 

What to Expect

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