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Four Kings

Four Kings studio with black painted walls and black brick-shaped tiles with fluorescent pink word lights and brightly colour tattoo images
Four Kings rose tattoo on arm, black with a small amount of pink
Four Kings St Cutherberts Arcade with grey fascia and gold writing
Four Kings black and white halloween designs on paper
Four Kings tattoo on arm of eagle, tiger, chains

What is Four Kings?

Four Kings is a tattoo studio in St Cuthberts Arcade, a short walk from Bedford’s main shopping centre. Our talented, friendly and welcoming staff can help with designs and work with you through the whole process, whether you’re a first-timer or topping up your collection!

Please note that due to the compact size of our studio and available artists we are only able to work on an appointment-only basis.

By appointment only (at time of going to press)

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What to Expect

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