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Hippy Wytch Cottage

Shop interior showing shelving cabinets and products

What is Hippy Wytch Cottage?

Hippy Wytch Cottage has been selling all things witchy since 2019. At this family-owned, spiritual oasis you’ll find spells, crystals, candles, incense, gifts, fancy goods. With a warm and friendly welcome, Hippy Wytch Cottage provides a perfect blend of spiritual, pagan, Wicca, gothic, alternative, healing, magical, and positive energies to promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

The Hippy Wytch herself is Amanda Dennis, a runic counsellor who believes the eco lifestyle favoured by our forebears makes for a happier way of life. Her shop stocks handmade crafts made by local artists, using natural, biodegradable products, including wooden staffs (or wands) carved by husband Robert, athames and woodcrafts.

Explore your spirituality at Hippy Wytch, where they also hold regular events, offer in-store readings, home readings as well as party packages.

Opening times (please check before making a special visit)

Tuesday to Saturday 11am-5pm

Sunday and Monday CLOSED

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