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Nu-Agane Car Paints

Nu-Agane side profile of red car
Nu-Agane paint colours swatch
Nu-Agane car being polished with yellow cloths
Nu-Agane electric spray paint tool
Nu-Again silver words logo on black background

What is Nu-Agane?

Nu-Agane is one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of car paint. We can produce aerosols of your car colour and can make it in liquid form for spray gun application, and we also make brushing paints. We have some of the best custom and unique colours to help you stand out.

Nu-Againe use the latest spectrograph machines and cameras to get the colour as precise as possible and give you a large choice on thinners, lacquers and primers.

Established in the 1930s we are a family-run business and have over 30 years of experience. We will always try to help and will always be honest with our recommendations.

Opening times (please check before making a special visit)

Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm

Friday 8.30am-4pm

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

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