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Priory Primary School

Priory Primary School Logo
Outside wall painted with colourful mural. The painting features a rainbow and the words Priory is Community. In the foreground uniformed students are stood either side of the wall arms gesturing to it.

What is Priory Primary School?

“Welcome to our wonderful School!”

Priory Primary School is a small but thriving multicultural school in the heart of Bedford. The School has developed a caring and secure environment in which children learn to become members of the ‘family of Priory’. The school staff are enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated. They have boundless imagination and energy to make children’s learning fun and full of experiences to help the learning ‘stick’. Priory Primary School has been accredited as a Healthy School and have achieved the Basic Skills Mark.

There is something really special about this place which you will find embedded in their values and ethos of hard work, honesty, mutual respect and care for each other. Every child is valued and nurtured as an individual, and are encouraged to fulfil their personal potential. The staff care equally about pupils’ physical, mental, social and emotional health, as well as their progress in learning and skills. Families are asked to be involved in their children’s learning, to support from home and to come into the School for special events to celebrate children’s successes together.

School hours run from 8.55am-3.25pm providing a total of 32.5 hours per week. Please note that term dates at Priory Primary School vary to Bedford Borough dates.

What to Expect

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