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A Midsummer Day’s Dream

The Quarry Theatre at St. Luke’s

A charity event providing an afternoon of song, humour and more song from the golden age of yesteryear, inspired by the Bard, aided by the songs of Bizet, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein and many others.

Themes of love, sadness, times gone by connect with the unfathomableness of the fundamental truths of human experience through art. Quotes that you didn’t know you knew from Shakespeare’s ‘Dream’ trigger some of Bedford’s most experienced and talented performers who will flesh out an afternoon with comedy, jocularity and the ludicrous to entertain. Cheer and sing along to some of your parents and grandparents’ favourites, bringing back your memories of them.

Ponder the meaning of life and how we see it from a post-Victorian perspective, an age when life was shorter, harsher, more intense, but full of fun. Be moved from the summits of the Alps to the depths of the ocean. Appreciate the meaning of life from a bygone age.

All profits will go to the Tibbs Dementia Foundation.

Suitable for 14+

Tickets £15

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