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REM By Stipe (unplugged)

The Quarry Theatre at St. Luke’s

Two Unplugged Acoustic sessions for MTV set the scene for R.E.M.’s songs being stripped back to show beautiful melodies, clever lyricism, and arrangements in acoustic form. Stipe continue this tradition bringing these songs to life in their Unplugged Acoustic sessions.

With a string of peerless albums; one eye on the underground and one eye on the soaring chorus; we will never see their like again. Come and hear tracks like “The One I Love” through to “The End of the World” stripped back and relaxed with all the details that made R.E.M. great.

Whether it’s playing major festivals or appearing on the One Show, performing for Michael Stipe himself, Stipe are the definitive R.E.M. tribute – a complete band and encyclopedic knowledge of the back catalogue. They bring R.E.M. to life, on stage – the contrasts and the magic; that direct connection to the music.

The boys from Athens’ legacy is in good hands.

R.E.M. are one of the world’s most enigmatic bands. They delivered two knockout performances on MTV’s Grammy and Emmy award-winning “Unplugged” series – in 1991 and 2001 – giving them the unique distinction of being the only band to headline this twice. Rolling Stone magazine explained why the Unplugged tracks truly matter :-

“This set of songs boils their magical greatness down to the core elements: achingly sugared melodies, perfect percussion with an interwoven musical backdrop and Michael Stipe’s potent voice, in all its deep grain, swooning vibrato and radiant empathy.”

Suitable for 15+

Tickets £12

£2.50 bundle discount if you buy a ticket for this event and the evening concert!

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