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World Sleep Day

lady laying down on her front with another lady laying her hands on her back.
Pumpernickel herbs and powders
Waterstones tables and shelves stocked with books

Everybody snooze!! On Friday 15th March it’s World Sleep Day. The official day to make sure you prepare for bedtime properly. Sleeping badly is a much-documented issue these days and for such an essential part of our lives and wellbeing, we should all make sure we do it properly. Easier said that done though, as it involves being relaxed, having a clear head, and, in a perfect world, no aches and pains. So to guide you to maximum relaxation and preparation for sleeping soundly, here are some ideas:

  • Massages are a good place to start and there is a plethora of beauty rooms around Bedford town centre. Our Health and Beauty directory shows them all, including 5th Avenue who have regular deals and promotions.
  • A warming drink, free of caffeine and stimulants is a comforting and happy thing. Essential oils for bath and body can also be a luxurious way to unwind. Head to Pumpernickel who have an Aladdin’s Cave of nature’s goodies!
  • To relieve any major aches and pains, a visit to a physio or chiropractor is highly recommended. Practitioners are included in our Health and Beauty directory, such as Bedford Chiropractic Clinic who deal with sports injuries, sciatica and more.
  • Switching off the phone at bedtime is something that we’ve been repeatedly told, mainly because it works. So if you’re needing to feed your brain and you’ve run out of box sets, go old-school and grab a book. Head to Waterstones, Oxfam Books & Music or for events, classes and books, books, books, join Bedford Library
  • Don’t forget that over 200 town centre businesses accept our Love Bedford Vouchers. Purchase them at Lotus Store on Castle Lane, Michael R Peters on The Broadway or online.

When you snooze, you don’t lose on World Sleep Day! If any of the above has helped or you’ve found your own way to sleep soundly we’d love you to share with us on our social media pages. (BTW this means after you catch those essential zzzzz’s!)

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