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Bella Ciao! Song of Rebellion

The Quarry Theatre at St. Luke’s

The screening of Bella Ciao! Song of Rebellion at The Quarry Theatre shows the history and meaning and of this Italian protest song. With its catchy folk-like melody, Bella Ciao! has become one of the world’s most recognisable protest anthems.

Andrea Vogt’s award-winning documentary traces the cultural history of Bella Ciao! through more than 20 interviews on three continents. From its roots in the paddy fields of Northern Italy to its adoption by Italian partisans in the 1940s, Bella Ciao! is now identified with progressive movements across the world.

From 15th to 27th April 2024 an ambitious new festival arrives to celebrate Italian culture in Bedford through a range of experiences. Music, films and talks can all be found at venues around the town centre. Find out more about the events by visiting the Bella Ciao! website.

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